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Our Mission

Our mission is to reinforce and emphasise positive culture in businesses and organisations via bespoke and impactful rewards and recognition programs.

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Engage & retain members

Avidity Rewards was created to engage and retain members for associations, and to engage, attract and retain employees for corporate entities.

For businesses, employers and corporate entities, our platform allows your employees to be healthier, happier and ultimately more productive and satisfied at work.

For  associations, colleges and organisations, Avidity Rewards allows you to increase your member value proposition.

We care about creating impact and raising a positive culture with everyone we work with.

We live in a digital world with technology at the forefront. Avidity Rewards helps you harness this technology to engage with, and give back to, your cohort — with less work, and more efficiency.

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The team behind Avidity Rewards

Our entire team is dedicated to providing the best rewards and recognition solutions to help businesses retain and attract quality employees, increase team satisfaction and engagement, and assist membership associations in retaining and attracting more members and increasing the member value proposition.

We’re passionate about providing an exceptional rewards platform to do this while forming the best partnerships to bring the best offerings to our users.

Designed for Australian businesses & associations

100% Australian owned & operated

As an Australian business, we are advocates of supporting local brands, businesses and organisations by providing an easy way to increase their employee and member value propositions. 

Here’s what makes Avidity Rewards great for Australian businesses and associations:

We understand our audience

We understand the rewards, offers and benefits that are important to Australian (and New Zealand) customers. We tailor our platform and offering to our customers' needs.

Easy communication and support

We are accessible to you, whether you’d like to talk about the best solution for you or need assistance with a technical or support issue for your platform down the track. You won't get a call centre when you reach out. Our local team are here to help.

Highly relevant localised and national offers

Avidity Rewards features a wide range of offers redeemable nationally and on a local basis. Our rewards range from from local dining and health and beauty experiences in multiple locations across Australia, to offers redeemable anywhere online. Perfect for those with multiple user locations.

Created for businesses and associations

We intrinsically understand what corporate entities and member associations need. It’s why your Avidity Rewards portal feels like it was designed for you - quite simply, because it was.

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Our team is innovative and passionate about technology and advancements.

We’re agile and embrace evolution and growth. We are always innovating and evolving as technological advancements are made, changes happen within markets, and expansion opportunities present themselves. We keep our ears and eyes open to the needs of our customers and take feedback onboard, actioning it whenever we can.

Our platform is continuously evolving to remain at the forefront of our industry and to continue to offer a feature-rich experience. We give solutions to our customers to make their lives easier. And we continually develop and release new features as new technologies make them possible. 

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Our history

We have a long history of providing benefits and rewards to users. 

Our legacy

Our legacy began in providing benefits to medical professionals, providing services and solutions for specialist doctors, general practitioners, dentists, nurses, allied health and other registered medical practitioners. We continue to support these communities.

Corporate recognition

Seeing a growing need from our corporate customers for a way to further engage and retain their employees, we developed our recognition programs. 

Corporate rewards

From there, we saw great success and growing demand for a similar platform for corporate entities. With corporate backgrounds and an understanding of the market and what it requires, we expanded our offering to cater for this need. 

Rewards for member associations

At the same time, we saw a need for a solution for membership organisations, to increase their member value proposition, and attract and retain members. So we adapted our offering to provide solutions for these associations.

We rapidly evolved and expanded our business and platform to cater to a much larger market, conducting significant research to better understand each of our expanded markets’ needs, and cater to them.


This is how we got to the Avidity Rewards that we see today: designed and catered specifically for corporate entities, their employees, and membership organisations and their members.

The Future

Over time our business has continually evolved, changed and adapted to bring new functionalities, better rewards and better offerings for our users.

Our future roadmap paves the way for continual evolution and development of functionality, capability and capability across our streamlined platform.

Retain, engage, reward and recognise.

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