How Does it Work and Who Pays for the Program?

There are different types of rewards and membership programs and, naturally, it’s important to pick one that suits your needs. Some loyalty programs are paid for by members (through annual or ongoing membership fees) but most programs, like frequent flyer and supermarket rewards programs, offer free membership. Most free programs involve earning points or rewards by making purchases, while other programs, like Avidity Rewards, are completely free to join and you don’t have to do anything (or spend anything) to access fantastic deals.

With Avidity Rewards, our trusted partners pay for the program, which means membership is 100% free, you don’t have to spend anything, and you’ll never be charged annual or ongoing fees to access the amazing discounts our partners provide. What other membership program rewards its members like that?

Does It Provide Access to a Wide Range of Partners?

When looking for a suitable rewards program, check out the program partners to make sure it provides access to products and services that suit your personal and professional needs. Some membership programs partner with a wide range of businesses, while others are more niche and may be limited to, for example, health and fitness or banking and finance.

Avidity Rewards has a wide range of partners across personal and professional products and services such as automotive, healthcare, finance, kids stuff, real estate, technology and more, so you’re sure to find a world of great deals that reward you for your membership.

Is It An Exclusive Program?

The exclusivity of a rewards program and the discounts and rewards offered on lifestyle and business products and services from its partners can be a key benefit to membership. While there are some great rewards programs that are open for all to join, a notable benefit of exclusive rewards programs is that the offers are exclusive and are often more generous.

What’s more, exclusive membership programs also offer discounts and rewards based on the personal and professional needs and feedback of their members. This means members have access to products and services that suit their professional and personal lifestyles.

As an exclusive rewards program for medical professionals, Avidity membership is only open to registered health practitioners. Once you’ve completed the quick and easy sign-up process, you get exclusive access to offers from our wide and growing range of program partners with discounts and rewards which members of other programs can’t access.

Read more about Avidity Rewards here and if you’re ready to join an exclusive rewards program that really rewards its members, join Avidity today!

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