Not sure what the difference is between an incentive program and a rewards program? At first glance incentive programs and rewards programs may seem the same, but dig a little deeper and you’ll quickly realise that there are some major differences between the two.

Incentive programs provide their members with incentives which are designed to motivate them into taking a particular action, usually making a purchase. A rewards program, on the other hand, rewards its members by providing access to discounts and offers. As a rewards program with a great range of exclusive partnerships, Avidity Rewards membership provides access to amazing offers which make it easier for our members to enjoy the things they love.

Here are some further differences between incentive programs and rewards programs that make membership in an exclusive rewards program like Avidity Rewards the right choice.

Incentive programs encourage spending

A major difference between incentive and rewards programs is that incentive programs are designed to encourage spending by providing members with incentives to spend more. With an incentive program, customers receive rewards only after they’ve spent a certain amount, but with a rewards program, members are rewarded simply for their membership.

When you join Avidity Rewards, you don’t have to purchase a thing to access the latest offers from our exclusive partners. Great deals and discounts are available to all Avidity Rewards members, and you only have to be an AHPRA-registered medical professional to join!

Rewards programs offer greater choice

As the cost of an incentive program is relative to the sales growth it achieves, most incentive programs can only offer a limited number of deals and offers from a few partners. In most cases, the incentives they offer are limited to brands owned by the same corporation. This is also the case with loyalty programs, most of which are designed to encourage repeat purchases by encouraging members to shop at the same stores time and time again.

With a rewards program like Avidity Rewards, our program partners offer discounts and deals independently of the program and are free to offer members amazing offers that meet your personal and professional lifestyle needs. That means your membership provides you with access to a wide range of brands, each with their own amazing range of offers. This is one of the many amazing membership benefits of rewards programs like Avidity Rewards that incentive programs just can’t beat!

Rewards programs deliver exclusive benefits

Another benefit of rewards programs over incentive programs is exclusivity. Avidity Rewards is an exclusive rewards program with membership limited to Australian medical and healthcare professionals. This enables our program partners to offer you better targeted and more valuable deals and discounts, and it also enables us to offer you the chance to earn even more rewards by referring a friend!

Avidity Rewards membership is open to all AHPRA-registered medical professionals and signing up takes just 2 minutes! When you’re ready to access an amazing range of premium deals from our exclusive program partners, join Avidity Rewards today!

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