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Recognition. Communication. Connection. Avidity Rewards is an all-in-one white-label platform with a host of features to improve culture and retain your best people.

Boost morale and retention with our Recognition features

Avidity Rewards has many features that let you show recognition and appreciation for your team members, engage and communicate with your employees and see powerful team engagement metrics.  

Give kudos, shoutouts or gifts to one another — purchased through the platform at discounted rates.

See which team members are getting the most recognition, giving the most kudos to others, and who may need to be recognised more – with leader boards and a traffic light recognition status system that management can see. Post announcements, celebrations, recognition pieces and rewards for all to see, effectively communicating with your entire team.

Avidity Reward's Recognition features for entities lets management and peers recognise each other to increase engagement and retention while improving morale.

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Employee recognition via your white-labelled portal

Whether you’d like rewards, or rewards and recognition, you can customise your portal to include the features that meet your organisation’s needs.

White-labelled and with customisation options to match your values and branding, your Avidity portal can be branded to you.

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Engaging recognition features
for businesses and corporates

Avidity Rewards gives an easy way to show appreciation to your employees and co-workers, at a peer, management and mentor level. Reach, communicate, and connect with your cohort. Promote messages and announcements you’d like your community to know about. Increase engagement with the platform and, ultimately, within your business.

Recognise individuals publicly or privately

Publish organisation-wide announcements, recognise and reward privately or for all to see. Simply choose your post's visibility settings before you hit publish.

Match your values to promote them

Bring your values into your platform and align recognition themes to engender a sense of connection with these values. Choose from announcement, celebration, reward or recognition, attach a photo or reward if applicable and publish your post.

Announce, celebrate and promote your messages

Communication and engagement, all in one place.  See and celebrate upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other customisable milestones and achievements in your 'recognition' tab. Promote company wins, team member achievements and more - the limit is your imagination.

See engagement metrics at a glance

Get insights into your team's engagement and peer-to-peer positive feedback. Leader boards show forerunners in who are sending and receiving recognition. This also allows management to understand who are engaged within the organisation at a glance.

Interact & engage

Choose from announcement, celebration, reward or recognition post types, attach a photo or reward if applicable and publish your post.

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Great insights into staff engagement and recognition

You’ll get a host of reporting features, at-a-glance leader boards and a traffic light system of engagement status for each team member. Giving you insights into the engagement and culture of your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Avidity Rewards and its features? Check out these FAQ below. If your question isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Your Avidity Rewards portal is white-labelled to feel and flow like your own brand. 

Your name, logo, values and colours all can be worked into the display of your portal, as well as 2-3 editable text/link boxes you’d like to keep on display. 

Choose from Rewards, Recognition or both to encompass the features and functionalities that are ideal for you. 

We create tailored solutions that are made for each individual business or association’s unique set-up. There’s no ‘one size fits all’  answer for the number of users and included features, so the cost varies from organisation to organisation. Tell us about your organisation and Request a Quote today and we’ll create a solution for your exact needs.

Retain, engage, and recognise.

Request a quick demo and see how easy it can be to reward and retain your cohort with Avidity Rewards.

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