Rewards and Recognition programs for employers and corporate entities

Avitidy rewards for businesses

Avidity Rewards is an Australian owned and operated rewards, recognition, engagement and communication platform designed specifically for businesses, wholesalers, employers, organisations and corporations.

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Rewards & Recognition for businesses

Avidity Rewards is Australia’s leading employee and member engagement platform, providing rewards and recognition capabilities to businesses, corporations and organisations of any size.

Our platform helps employers attract and retain talent, reward and recognise employees and much more all through a customisable white label solution.

Rewards statistics for businesses and corporate entities

The numbers speak for themselves.


Of job seekers consider reward and recognition programs in their decision-making process for a new role


Of HR professionals surveyed agree that a good rewards and recognition program increases business results


Of HR professionals with rewards and recognition programs say they improve staff retention


Of employees say it's important to them that their employers reward great work


Of incentive programs improved their performance

Recognition statistics for businesses and corporate entities

The numbers speak for themselves.


A social psychology study found that a simple expression of gratitude from an authority figure increases an individual's productivity by 50%


When employees think they will be recognised for their efforts, they are reportedly 2.7 times more likely to be extremely engaged. On the other end of the spectrum, 44% of employees switch jobs because they do not feel they're being recognised for their effort.


And businesses with a well-designed recognition program see an 11.1% increase in their average employee performance.


Of people say they want recognition from their peers in the workplace.


Businesses with above-average employee recognition see 27% higher profits. 

Why Avidity Rewards is a smart business decision for employers

White label portal branded to you

Customised to your name, colours, logo, values and vibe for a truly engaging experience.

Effective gifts and rewards

Don't keep just buying gift cards last minute. Purchase via your Avidity Rewards for a quick, organised system that also gives you a discount on the gifts purchased.

Boost engagement and morale

Businesses who use Avidity Rewards see a shift in staff engagement and morale. Avidity Rewards is an engagement environment.

Attract and retain the best talent

Rewards and recognition attracts quality talent and retains your best people, in a cost-effective way. 

Communicate and connect

Publish company-wide announcements, celebrate milestones and give kudos for great work.

Easy incentives

Avidity Rewards makes it easy to incentivise your team and reward fantastic work. Purchase and send incentive rewards to your individual employees all within your portal - privately, or publicly.

An easy to manage system

Forget using multiple avenues to reward and recognise your people. Save on time and effort with easy to manage, streamlined rewards and recognition. For hands-free ongoing management in a user-friendly, easy to use, convenient and engaging central system.

An affordable way to give back

While you'd probably want to increase your team's salaries, for many this simply isn't feasible on a regular basis. Rewards are a cost-effective way to increase the value of your employee packages and reward excellent work.

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A price match guarantee for Corporate rewards and recognition

Our price match guarantee is this: if you find a better price for a comparative employee rewards and recognition product, we won’t just match it – we’ll beat it.

Australia's leading Rewards & Recognition platform

We are an Australian brand servicing clients across Australia and New Zealand. With rewards partners in every corner of the country and national and international reach, your community can access and redeem rewards from wherever they are.

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Retain, engage, reward and recognise.

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